Q: Is John Klug a union or non-union actor?

A: Non-union.


Q: When can I expect my audio?

A: Auditions or jobs can be delivered within hours or faster if necessary.  Under normal circumstances, try to allow 24 hours for auditions or dry voice projects.  Allow 48 -72 hours for jobs that require full production.


Q: Where will the recording take place?

A: John is always around a studio.  Recording sessions occur in his home studio, the studios of WZBA, or any local production house in the Baltimore metro area.


Q: Rates?

A: Affordable.  To request a quote, please describe your specific project details here


Q: I can’t come to the recording session.  Is there a way I can listen in to the recording session to offer direction?

A: Yes.  Phone patches will be available at all recording locations. 


Q: How will my audio be delivered?

A: Audio can be delivered via email, downloadable files from your password protected client account at klugproductions.com, audio/data disc mail deliver, or the 12 day donkey discount express.


Q: Will I have a choice of audio file type and format?

A:  Yes.  File types such as mp3, wav, wma and many more are available.  Multiple different sample and bit rate combinations are available as well.